Kindle Success Hacks – Business Realities and Insider Secrets

New York Literary Agent and Book Doctor Tom Morgan has just published Kindle Success Hacks. Long rumored to be in the making, Kindle Success Hacks, in contrast to the avalanche of Make a Million with Kindle books” stresses a solid business foundation and a long term career vision. Commenting on his choice of contents Mr. Morgan had this to say The reality of self-publishing is that it is a business. Unlike any other with the advantages of digital publishing.

Benefits of Hiring a Tutor

When you are struggling with some tough subjects in school, hiring a tutor can help you a great deal. There are many students who go through a bit of a hard time with a particular subject but instead of pushing their effort levels to a higher degree they give up It is a mistake and it is why hiring a tutor could really help those students. Contrary to popular belief it is very common for a student to struggle with a specific subject. But it is how they react that matters.

Jerald Simon Releases A New Motivational/Self Help Book

At the age of 8, Jerald Simon fell off of a 50 foot cliff and cracked his head open. He had 26 staples put into his scalp by doctors who thought he should have died from the fall. As a result of the fall, Jerald has no memory of his life before the accident.drainkingchicago It is a miracle he is alive today and was not paralyzed from the fall. That almost fatal fall changed the way Jerald viewed life and how he lived each day. He adopted a phase that has become a personal life motto for him: When we fall…