Key Elements of an Effective Book Launch Page- 13 tips to creating a book launch page that sells

Your dream of writing a book is finally complete. Congrats. But now what? What’s the best way to get your book campaign off to a big start? Last week I wrote about the importance of incorporating landing pages into your website to aid in your business marketing efforts so this week, I wanted to get into creating a landing page specific for a book launch In order to successfully launch your book youre going to need an effective landing page that compels prospective buyers to…

The problem is not your service or product

Its how you talk about it. It isnt that your product doesnt work, you arent that good, or your service doesn’t provide value. You arent clear about how you help, why you are different, or what problem you solve. And if you arent clear then any message you put out into the ether will also not be clear. Where does that leave you Wondering what is wrong, or blaming your website/your coach/the program you bought/you for being wrong about you. There are two things you need to get clea